Saturday, February 9, 2019

Personalized Sports Prints

Your Child Will Feel Famous With Major League Sports Prints!

 Is your son or daughter an avid baseball fan? If they can't wait for baseball season to start every year, then make them feel like a major league with one of our many personalized sports prints! Their name will appear right next to the jerseys of their favorite ball players and they're sure to show it off to all of their friends. It will be a piece that will hang on their wall in grade school, college, and beyond.

So no matter what city or state you live in, we'll have the team you want. Or perhaps your child is a football fan? We have a variety of professional and college teams from which to choose. Every kid will smile from ear to ear when they see their name stitched on the back of their favorite team's jersey, complete with a personalized choice of number. Plus, your child can pick which players their jersey is hanging next to, so if they have two or three favorites, it's easy to add them in!

At Kids That Smile, our goal is to provide you with the best in customer service and product quality. If you ever have any concerns about a product or questions about shipping, we're always ready to listen. We always offer free shipping for orders over $65. Since every product is personalized, all sales are final, except in the event of a manufacturing defect. We strive to provide you and your loved ones with the highest-quality sports prints on the market.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Personalized Children's Music CD

Personalized Children’s Music makes the perfect gift no matter what the occasion. Children loves to listen to it over and over again. The first thing my son ask for when he gets into our car is his personalized cd.

Hear the Disney characters sing and speak your child's name over 80 times throughout this one of a kind CD! It will be an instant hit that they will listen to over and over. Watch their face light up as they hear their name sung and spoken by Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and Goofy in a CD full of fun songs perfect for all ages. It will be an experience to remember!

You can view and purchase anyone of our personalized music CD here

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Friday, July 23, 2010

Top Personalized Children's Books

Spending 30 minutes a day reading with your child is one of the most precious moments you will ever have with your child. You can spark their interest and bring them deeper into a book by having it personalized for them. It's not just a regular book now. All of a sudden the main character is about them and their family and friends. Can there be anything better? Here is a list of the five best personalized children's books to get for your children.

Little One Little One What Do You See? - This whimsical story is perfect for any pre-school child who enjoys rhyming and counting. The illustrated photos are in full color with various animals This is a very popular book with parents and also a top seller!

My First Day At School - This personalized book make the first day of school a memorable one. It can help relieve any type of anxiety your child may have prior to starting school for the first time.

My trip to The Fire Station - This wonderful book teaches your child about fire safety as their class go on a field trip to a local fire station. They learn about different fire trucks, and to STOP, DROP, and ROLL if their clothes were ever to caught on fire! The last page allows your child to keep a record of important numbers in the event of an emergency!

The Train with No name - You don't have to be big to be important! The child in this story line becomes an engineer , and teams up with a little track tester to stop a circus train from becoming derailed. A great personalized book that is a favorite of parents and kids.

Let Us Thank God - Is a warmly illustrated book for early readers who need to give thought to the many reasons we need to be thankful. Your child will enjoy the words and the pictures, and will learn to take time to reflect on the gifts God has given all of us.

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Benefits of Reading to Children

As parents, my wife and I started reading to our son before he was born. It helped a lot because our son was a very active baby in the whom, and the sound of our voices seemed to calm him down. Michael is now 4yrs old and he loves to read. He is part of a book club in our local library, and he read (with help) about 30 books a month. He practically remembers every story word for word! Reading to children will encourage them to read more, improve their communication skills, stimulate brain growth, and will build an emotional bond between parent and child.

Experts has suggested parents should spend at least 30 minutes a day reading a book with their child. It can be difficult to keep the attention span of an infant, but has they grow older they will be much more in tuned with each story.

Books with large colorful pictures are ideal because it keeps their attention. One of the books our son loves to read over and over again is "The Train with No Name". The character (child) in the story line becomes an engineer who helps stop a train from becoming derailed. Now my son says he is going to be an engineer when he grows up. This is a wonderful story, because it opens up the thought process that you can do anything you set your mind to!

Older children benefits from books that teaches counting, the alphabet, shapes, and sizes. Little One, Little One, What Do You See, is a great personalized children's book because it teaches the child how to count with colorful illustrated photos of various animals. Reading to your child is one of the greatest gift and time well spent you will ever give to your child. Have you read a book with your child today? Take the time and read a story with your child. You won't be sorry!

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Top Ten Questions People Ask Before Buying a Personalized Book, 10 of 10

Q) Do I have to pay sales tax?

A) Orders taken with a billing address within the state of New Jersey are subject to the appropriate 7% New Jersey sales tax

Please Note: These are just the top ten questions our customers have asked us, and we wanted to provide the answers for those that may have the same inquires. Please feel free to contact us will any additional questions you may have at

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Top Ten Questions People Ask Before Buying a Personalized Book, 9 of 10

Q) Do you accept international orders?

A No, We currently do not accept international orders, but we will accept phone orders from Canada. Please contact us more details if you would like to place an order from Canada.

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Top Ten Questions People Ask Before Buying a Personalized Book, 8 of 10

Q) What happens to the information I give you?

A) All information you provide is used for the processing of your order and nothing else! We will NEVER sell nor give your information
to a third party vendor!!

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